In aid of starting off on the right foot, I waited a few days to post this, and now I can begin with a completed object!

200 gm of white merino, spun to a reasonably fine yarn*, and “kool-aid” dyed, using the same technique, but “Thirst” in raspberry and appleberry, the only alternative New Zealand food giant Pak ‘n Save had on offer.

*I must mention here I’ve never really (at all) knit with bought wool, so can’t precisely tell you what weight this is. Prehaps I shall implement a wraps per inch system.

Pattern by Glampyre, modified to have long sleeves. Perfect for cold winter weather under a favourite sleeveless hoody:

Sleeveless hoody

Or as spring appoaches on its own over cute summer tops (though this one is a winter one)(see first picture)

This OSW was surely meant to be, as after casting off and sewing in my ends I had precisely this much yarn left:

Just enough yarn!

Plus the piece tied around my wrist to check for colourfastness! 

Im sure there is more i should be writing about this project! If there’s anyhting you want to know, feel free to ask me 🙂 

*nb this post has taken two weeks to publish as the photo insertion and sizing software and i have been locked in a feirce battle. I finally dealt it a swift blow which brought it submissivley to its knees.

Also highly pressing uni work has comandeered all my attention.

As have the socks which I plan on (now i can use pictures) blogging about tommorow have been. (When the essay, which the essay fairies are going to write in the night for me, has been handed in tommorow.) 


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