Casting Off, Casting On

I have to admit, I’m a somewhat monogamous knitter, only one project on the needles at a time.

This doesn’t include the current spinning project of course (I have to have something to knit next) or the swatching Im doing for it.

Casting Off 

The red socks, modelled by The Boy.

The Boy's Socks

This pose, which I’m told is “not comfortable”, somehow looks very natural!

I used a flexible bind off as seen on Knitty, where I knit two st, pso but dont slip fully off the needle and knit the next stitch. This is NOT flexible enough! Any bright ideas on how to get a cast off flexible enough for a sock cuff?

Casting On

80% wool, 20% Angora.

Dyed “venom green” with drink mix, and Jelly crystals, but I didnt get the intense colour I was after, even using 12 Packets of “Lime”! So yes, the camera is true to colour, (Though a little blurry on it).

Sock Project #2

Toe #1, soon to be followed by number two.

I plan on knitting in the Lozenge Pattern in Nancy Bush’s ‘Knitting Vintage Socks’ but have stitch number issues to iron out.

This wool was dyed for The Boy, but I may end up getting the socks, just like he got my red ones!


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