Signed, Sealed Delivered!

I sent off my socks this morning to Sandra in the US. They’ll take a few days to get there, so she has time to frantically knit and send off her socks, as I did when I found out mine were coming. (Only a Sock Wars participant will be able to decipher that sentence!)

Here is the long ago promised photo of the wonk:


Although why only one sock wonked I do not know. One of life’s unanswered questions. (Right up there with ‘what is the meaning of life’ -right?) The Front wonks fit together quite nicely:


Although the Rib of Doom has not been kind to my yarn, distorting it and causing it to lose colour definition. I much prefer the bottoms of the socks. This is not demonstrated well in the photo, I assure you they are much uglier in person!

And a last photo, of the two socks in all their whole sock glory:


Aren’t they beautiful in the morning sun?

I found out this morning that my assasin hasnt sent hers yet! All that frantic knitting and my life is not endangered! Alas!Im in the running slightly longer, but I feel it will make no significant difference in the end as socks must travel all the way to NZ before being sent back to the States again. They will spen more time in transit than the time that has been spent knitting them!


1 Response to “Signed, Sealed Delivered!”

  1. 1 Brianne October 9, 2006 at 3:21 pm

    Ah the guilt, the pain!!… I finished them, and am sending them after work today ( I PROMISE) Hopefully they will arrive in time for the weekend?
    I really hope you love them (and don’t hate me for being so slow…)
    I still haven’t heard from MY killer yet…so You can have your target send their socks to me if you want?? nineteen twelve halterman, SantaCruz, CA, ninefive oh six two.
    p.s. my best grafting EVER is on the toe of the second sock. SWEET!
    p.p.s – sorry about the grafting on the toe of the first sock 😉 hee hee

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