The Best Kind of Study Procrastination!

While browsing at my local craft store Hands the other day the other day I found some Silk Hankies, and remembering the Knitty tutorial I read a while back (no doubt on my last lot of study leave), thought ‘I can do that!’ (instead of studying for impending exams!)


Thourougly wetted hankies, using a small squirt of dishwashing liquid:


1ml colouring, 15ml water a small slosh of vinegar (that’s a metric unit!)


Eye dropped the colour over the hankies and filled up the dish slowly around the edges till the hankies were submerged in water:


Dukenukem in the microwave in 2 min bursts till most/all colour absorbed- about 3 times:


Rinse and Dry:


And because I’m super impatient I seperated them before they were dry. This sped the drying up too. Bonus!


Draf and wind into little balls for spinning:



The one hankie nett me 40 metres- not enough to do anything with! But a good, fun experience, and inspiration for a gift for my cousin’s 21st birthday. (Stay tuned).

Anything I’ve left out and if you’d like to know what/how I did something, please ask! (Not claiming to be an expert though!)


2 Responses to “The Best Kind of Study Procrastination!”

  1. 1 Tasha October 15, 2006 at 12:51 am

    Completely lost on how you went from hanky to thread! Sometimes I can be dense 🙂

  2. 2 Jessicah October 15, 2006 at 6:00 pm

    Heya Tahsa, it wasnt very clear in the post and I didnt take any photos cos it is a 2 handed job! The knitty tutorial (link at top of post) really does show it better than could ever do it justice in words! But for you, I’ll try 🙂
    I took a single layer of hanky and stuck a hole in the middle, and put both my pointy fingers through it. I pulled my hands a part, and kept pulling till the hanky was the thickness I wanted it, making a large, v. large, circle, then broke at one point around the circle. To make a circle so large you have to swicth from pulling your hands apart to holding one point on the cirle and pulling another point away! I made my drafted threads thick and thin so I would get a slubby yarn. I wound up the drafted hankie into a little ball so it wouldn’t get tangled before i spun it, then spun it with my lovely Ashford Traveller the normal way. Hope this helps, and I hope to see you have a go on your blog when your done with the lunch bags!!

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