Mountains of Quilts


I have two quilts. Kind of.

One is from my mother from my grandmother….and no it’s not a family heirloom. It was left at one of my grandparents staff houses when the staff moved on. It has a rip in it and I even think its kinda ugly. (But I didn’t just tell you that.)

I am grateful for the extra warmth it has provided over the last few particularly chilly nights.


The main feature panels of this quilt are quilted but not pieced, which I think is why I find it unappealing- I find it deceptive.

The other quilt is not really mine either. Michael’s Grandmother is a quilter and made it either for him or his mother. Anyway it came to Christchurch with us and roams around, usually making it onto the guest bed. It has a woman’s face in the middle of it.


I have decided to make a quilt I can legitimately call mine. It’s not going to be patchwork, but will utilise two of my more beautiful peices of fabric, one of which has featured very recently, (but this time in brown) and the other (also linen) I have been toting around and not cutting into for too long. Now I wont have to cut it!


Today I pinned them together with some beautiful batting inside (80/20 wool/cotton, but I can’t remember which way round!) and started basting them together.

 I plan to hand stitch it, but not sure yet if I want to freehand it or sew more of a pattern. Any suggestions?


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