Taking the Plunge

I tentatively suggested a KAL with Nuttnbunny to knit Ester about a week ago. Prehaps a mild rush of blood to the head, or a deep longing to actually knit Ester, or a combination of both, but today I went out and bought some wool!

This is unusal in itself, because I think the last time I bought wool was to make a hat for 5th form sewing- I’ve taken to spinning my own.

When I got the wool shop at 9:30 my heart sunk as I saw it was closed, then I realised it opened at 10, so I had half an hour to kill. I headed over to the main street, and found most of the shops I wanted to go into there- antiquey type places- were also closed!
I went into a little grocers- staked high to the roof with goods, and one of those wheely ladders, where I bought this little jar jam packed with sweets. The perfect mix of sweet and tangy, hard and that gooey centre which sticks to your back teeth, Yum!


When I got back to the yarn store it was already humming- and not quite 10:00! I didnt think it would be such a bustling place. The lady behind the counter was helpful- and pointed me in the direction of the right weight yarn, then helped me work out how many balls I would need.


The wool I chose is a dark purply red- a little different to what I would normally wear.

So Nuttnbunny- as soon as I get gauge (read: after tonight) I’m ready to go!!! As you can see, you’ve been a great motivation already!


1 Response to “Taking the Plunge”

  1. 1 nuttnbunny March 28, 2007 at 2:46 pm

    Yipee! I’m placing an order and will let you know when I have yarn-in-hand. Would you like to post inviting others? Beautiful yarn!

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