A Week of Colour- Pink

Those who have been keeping an eye on me for some time will probably have noticed my penchant for pink already, for those who haven’t, there it is.

When contemplating the colour to pick for the mellow+yellow swap I decided, before thrusting pink upon the poor, unsuspecting recipient, I would wait and see what colour filtered through when I squinted my eyes at her blog. Enter Erica whith her two wee girls, all dressed in pink (kinda)…how could I not??!!

::Warning:: Sneak Preveiw of swap goodies, though nothing revealing::



1 Response to “A Week of Colour- Pink”

  1. 1 Erica April 12, 2007 at 3:42 pm

    I’m loving this swap and having such a lovely time looking at your site and finding things that will incorporate things I think you’ll love and things that make me mellow with the color of my choice. I’m so tempted to just tell you what I am doing…but alas…you’ll have to wait. And if the parcel doesn’t get to you before your vacation you can be sure that waiting for you upon your return will be a lovely package that I’m sure you’ll love! I must admit you are a bit intimidating with your talents, but I consider myself lucky to have been assigned to you and have already bragged about your talents to my many friends!

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