A Lick and A Promise

Not sure where that saying originates from. However due to an impending genetics exam little crafting activity has been happening around these parts, although I had a serious clean-up of the sewing room (and whole house) due to my cousin coming to stay. Crafting is imminent.


Today in town I visited the Arts Centre and enjoyed wandering around the shops and galleries with my cousin, in particular the guild shop where a woman was spinning a beautiful Merino/Silk/Possum blend. Sadly they were out of the Merino/Silk/Possum (they are hand-dyed and carded locally) but I bought this beautiful green and pink Merino/Possum blend, with the vision of spinning and knitting something out of it to wear with the first spring blossoms. Maybe another visit is in order, so reasonably priced!)

Also in my little shopping spree was a pack of japanese cotton off-cuts from Cherry Blossom, destined for some little zippered purses for mothers day, and some threads to use with some mystery products to make a scarf. More on that soon!

 Ester is progressing slowly, but a few more rows each night and I should be able to knock the cables on the head.

Sorry about the gloomy photo, it all is rather more delightful in real life, but we are beginning to lose the sun earlier and earlier here.

Also, on a side note, my camera is starting to drain it’s batteries faster than I can take photos! Maybe time to upgrade…..


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