Some things

Carolyn has tagged me for the “things” meme. My first meme!


1. (Stuff that I should have on a “profile” page.) My Name is Jessicah Riley. I am 20. I live with my boyfriend Michael and dog Pedro in Christchurch, NZ. I grew up on a dairy farm in Golden Bay and went to Boarding school in Nelson for my 5 secondary schooling years. (That’s me in the purple with the stripes on my face). I have my Mum to thank for my love of craft.


2. We live in an old house in Christchurch which has been plastered. I wish that it was the house next door which hasn’t been plastered. They were built at the same time as part of a house exhibition in the 1900’s.

Which would you prefer?


3. We only live in 2/3 of the house because it was divided up many a moon ago. The back half got the kitchen, so we have this.

The Entry (only door in our flat) and Kitchen and Hallway. My uncle came to stay the other day and while we were giving him “the tour” he asked where the kitchen was- after walking through it! We don’t have any drawers in our kitchen, so we use this in our pantry/ MDF wardrobe from Mitre 10.

(And I thought our last flat, with only one drawer, was pretty bad.)


4. I am studying Biochemistry, genetics and microbiology at University of Canterbury. I am in my 3rd (and last) year. At the end of the year we are going to look for jobs and buy a house. Most days I wish I had gone to polytech and studying textiles or something. My dream job is currently being advertised- research technician into textile manufacture. They recently created a method for making woven Merino fabric for business shirts and pants. Pretty spiffy.


5. I have a fertiliser bag full of unwashed sheep in my living room.

My mum shore it. Pedro tries to eat it, he is so super great at needle felting- with his sharp puppy teeth and slobbery mouth.

(Now for the weird ones. I’m sure I’m more strange than this but cannot think of anything.)


6. I only like the toilet paper to hang with the flappy bit going over so it dangles away from the wall.

Michael says he doesn’t have a preference but always hangs it up the other way. I always change it. (Love the flock of sheep in my bathroom)


7. I only wear matching sets of underwear.


I’m not going to tag anyone, but do it if you want to. You know you want to.


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