All is not lost.

I love spinning and making my own yarn but sometimes it would be so nice to go to a LYS and be inspired by the fibre. I only recently figured out what the acronym stands for, but I think it also means more than the “yarn store down the road”- I have a hunch that it also conveys a feeling- “the yarn store down the road where I could spend hours squeezing the loosely wound hanks of yarn and fondling the needles, and no one would make you feel bad if you were a little hesitant in buying 7 balls of wool at once when you had a feeling you would only need 5 so you bought 7 and now you can’t find the receipt to take back the 2 you didn’t use.” Yes it did happen and no I’m not bitter. Well maybe a little. Anywhoo.

After a spurt of industrious studying this morning the interwebs sucked me into a yarn finding vortex, and I thought I’d share the (suprising) goodness I found 1) for prosterity, 2) in case you NZers are interested and 3) so you US bunnies can see that although I’m trying very hard to kid myself, (and succeeding somewhat) what we have will never compare to your LYS (I imagine a wharehouse sized spaced filled to the gunnels with every. imaginable. skein. Sigh.)

In Nelson (I think at the art place near the freezing works?)

Yarn Traders -I am going to check this one out in a few short days.

Online yarn store (boasting Debbie Bliss and Noro) The Yarn Studio

The Wool Company which seems to have roving at a very good price too.

And very excitingly- close to home for me-

The Loop Knittery (not really sure what this one is- maybe a real shop maybe an online one, anyway they claim to be so on my next walk with Pedro I will take a different route and keep my eyes peeled!) I’ve joined their mailing list and I think they have knit-togethers so maybe this will be a good opportunity to fondle some yarn and meet new people?!

And The Tin Shed which is about a 1 hour drive from here (via Ashburton the home of Ashford) so I’m sensing a road trip in my future.

Righto- funny how 15 minutes can turn into an hour- back to the study. Last exam tommorow woohoo!


3 Responses to “All is not lost.”

  1. 1 melissa June 29, 2007 at 4:03 pm

    thanks for the yarn-buying info- much neede here! i know just what you mean about the local yarn shops here being, umm, less than inspiring. perhaps our expectations are too high because we read u.s and european knitting blogs? anyway, i will have to go out to craft habitat very soon.
    good luck with your exam!

  2. 2 Megan June 30, 2007 at 11:16 am

    Yay for last exams. Will be joining you on second semester exams woes this year. Whoo hoo!

    I get thoroughly sick of walking into ‘yarn stores’ for very expensive uninspiring dullness. Sigh. Will look some of these up, though I’ve used The Wool Company before and their merino is v. soft.

  3. 3 nuttnbunny July 1, 2007 at 1:16 pm

    Maybe you should plan a trip to fully investigate our yarn stores. I’ll give you a tour 🙂

    Maybe you should OPEN a crazy fine NZ-LYS!

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