I think it’s called dumpster diving….

A couple of days ago while walking Pedro down our street I passed a couple of lovely old chairs on the street with a “free” sign on them. It was raining, I had the dog, but I could see they were fabulous chairs- they were rocky chairs (but not a rocking chair if you know what I mean.) Well I walked on past, and kicked myself a couple of days later when they were gone.

Walking Pedro past the same house today I noticed a wooden bed base (with holes for drawers) sitting precariously on top of their skip. I went around the block and thought to myself- I’ll just head down that way and see if anyone’s home- that bed would be great in the spare room. As I got closer (the house is only about 6 away from ours) I could hear a thudding noise. Sure enough their was a teenager hacking up the bed with an axe, no doubt so it would fit better in the skip. I tell you, I couldn’t make this stuff up!

His parents pulled up in their car in that moment and when I commented on the chairs speedy disappearance the woman said she had another chair in the garage she was going to put on trademe, but that I could have it!

Well worth the effort of lugging it home (not so far but it was heavey!) and it’s waiting on the porch, where it’s “shabby chic” look blends right in, for Michael to trip over it on his way home from work tonight.

I have some creamy upholstery fabric (somewhere) in my stash which would work perfectly for this chair, and look, I’m not the only one who as had this idea!

In other exciting news Charlotte from LovelyNZ asked me to participate in her LovelyBlogs blog. I’ve just sent back the interview- so watch out for it in the next couple of days!

Hope you all had a nice weekend : )


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