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Wellington was heaps of fun!


We had lunch in this quirky cafe…probably hundreds of flasks, which graduated in colour around the corner. Old Formica tables and lots of glass and crockery on the walls (not to mention the mean fish burger!).

I bought some fabric, more later when I take some photos, and some clothes, most excitingly a pair of “job interview pants” for the interview I have scheduled for the day after I get back to Christchurch! (It’s very exciting!)


View out the plane window on the way home. The window was filthy which gives it this eerie light!

Now I’m off to shift the bull calves for Dad, then with Mum to meet someone regarding a water catchment group and head into town to pick up groceries for the staff dinner we are having tonight! Not getting much study or crafting done!



on a jet plane.

I’m heading away for a week and a bit (whirlwind trip to Wellington and then home to spring on the farm for a week.) I’m sure there’ll be some crafting along the way, and I’ll check in a couple of times with photos of spring cuteness.

In the mean time, I found flowers in my garden this morning….it’s a miracle they have survived the whirlwind that is our almost 9 months puppy, though I’m not going to be able to legitimately call him that much longer!



Isn’t macro great? Anyone else addicted to it as much as I am? I love those little green dots on the edges of the snow drops.


Can you see the mud on his nose from digging in the garden? I vacuumed yesterday but already there are big pawprints all through the house.

On a side note, it will be the longest I have been apart from Pedro! (Don’t I sound like a clucky mother? For goodness sakes, he’s only a dog, I’m sure that’s what you’re thinking! Oh well, I love him like a child- albeit a slightly naughty one!) He will be fine with Michael though…but I don’t know how Michael will cope with the early (for him) starts that Pedro demands!

Oh and the lap rug? 34.5cm 

1 Hat, 2 Hat

I really wanted this raspberry hat to be a good ‘un. Sadly it’s not. Not so bad that I can’t go out of the house wearing it, more I would spend the whole time pulling at it, self conscious in it.

Raspberry hat

I think the problem is that the crown is too big. It would benefit from a little more height too. This hat isn’t doomed, just doomed to be frogged, and prehaps subjected to a little more maths. I really like how the decreases form a spiral, which was unintentional until I realised it was happening. I would definately make them a feature.

Enter Hat 2.


Kooky photo taken using the mirror to look through the LCD on my camera. (The old mirror photo trick was not going to work…man does the mirror need a clean!)

Cream polar fleece with 3 self cover buttons. Its got a bit of a bulgy thing going on over the top of the head but I think a) it’s not actually that bad and b) I’m being a bit neurotic about it. Some bulginess is to be expected with two layers of polarfleece. I think it would be good in merino too, maybe I will have a play around with the pattern some time.

I just sewed a tube with a dome on top, made another one and sewed them together. It goes down over the ears a little bit (helmet styles baby) and is warm. Will definately do the trick in Wellington!


I love this combination!


An extract from my microbiology notes on endospores….I can’t wait till I finish at the end of the year! (At least my notes are pretty.)


The random number generator (apparently these were truly random numbers, not like some random numbers, according to the website) picked Nuttnbunny, which makes me smile because she was the author of the first comment I ever had. I think maybe less with the randomness, more with the fate. Thanks to all who left a comment- it means alot, especially as the stat reader tells me there were roughly 30 people visiting on both days. (Who are you all???!!!!)

Mum is treating me to a night in Wellington with her when she goes up for her course next tuesday. (She is studying for her Masters and I am very proud of her.) Consequently I need a hat to wear because it is notoriously windy in Wellington and the wind gives me earache. So I am knitting a hat with the last of my wool from Ester. I have about 3 decrease rounds to go, and suspect I will run out of wool with just a few stitches to go.


Doesn’t it look like a yummy fuzzy raspberry? (We will be staying in the city centre, and would love the addresses of any “must see’s” that you NZ folk know of- thanks!)

I am a rather impatient person, and because only the lettuce has germinated thus far (lettuce, not oregano, I read my plan wrong) I had a wee dig around to see what’s going on. Turns out the other seeds are germinating, just a little behind. Who would’ve thought? Also the lovingly weeded strawberries have their first wee flowers opening…yay! I just don’t know if it’s warm enough for the bees we need to pollinate them, though the sun is streaming in over my shoulder and I got a whole load of jeans dry today, the spring change is definately here, it’s so lovely!

Here we go.

I finally made something to give away for monday’s “yay I’m a year and 100 posts old” give away.

Little clutch

I don’t have Bend the Rules Sewing, but figured this little bag would be easy enough to make. The fun part was decorating it. I had made ths little doily out of the last of the green cotton from my bag when I saw So Tread Softly’s clutch, and it all came together from there. The wee bit of embroidery was fun, I must do more!

So, if you’d like to be the recipient of this clutch leave a comment here or the other post and you’ll go in the draw. I’ll pick a winner tommorow! (I’ve got some other goodies to add in too…but they’re a suprise.)

Today I took some more seedling photos in the sun. There’s a photo competition on in the bio department at uni at the moment and I was thinking of entering one, I’d love to know which one you like best.

Also I took the scarf I made with the wool from the mellow+colour swap off the blocking board. It’s still a bit curly- I think it’s just the nature of the stockenette stitch, but I like the purl side just as much, so it does’nt bother me. I think the combination of textures is nice.

Green Scarf

I love love love this wool, knitting with it was so much fun, not knowing which colour was going to come next! It is nice and soft against my neck. I really must get my hands on some space dyed roving to spin, because spinning and knitting it would be twice as much fun! Thanks again Erica!

It really shouldn’t have taken me this long….

To find a bit of yarn to cast off the last few stitches and block this scarf.


It’s almost too warm to wear it!

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