1 Hat, 2 Hat

I really wanted this raspberry hat to be a good ‘un. Sadly it’s not. Not so bad that I can’t go out of the house wearing it, more I would spend the whole time pulling at it, self conscious in it.

Raspberry hat

I think the problem is that the crown is too big. It would benefit from a little more height too. This hat isn’t doomed, just doomed to be frogged, and prehaps subjected to a little more maths. I really like how the decreases form a spiral, which was unintentional until I realised it was happening. I would definately make them a feature.

Enter Hat 2.


Kooky photo taken using the mirror to look through the LCD on my camera. (The old mirror photo trick was not going to work…man does the mirror need a clean!)

Cream polar fleece with 3 self cover buttons. Its got a bit of a bulgy thing going on over the top of the head but I think a) it’s not actually that bad and b) I’m being a bit neurotic about it. Some bulginess is to be expected with two layers of polarfleece. I think it would be good in merino too, maybe I will have a play around with the pattern some time.

I just sewed a tube with a dome on top, made another one and sewed them together. It goes down over the ears a little bit (helmet styles baby) and is warm. Will definately do the trick in Wellington!


1 Response to “1 Hat, 2 Hat”

  1. 1 Christina August 25, 2007 at 9:31 am

    Hi, love the hat! shame it’s gonna be frogged, but I’d be the same if I wasn’t entirely happy with it. I usually don’t like pink but raspberry is a shade I would wear too.
    B.T.W-sent a reply to your email, if you haven’t already got it. 😉

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