A New Hobby?

Because a new hobby is exactly what I need (can you hear the dripping sarcasm?)


I found this wee “bug” on the path at our local park this morning while walking Pedro. I’m not a geocacher, but it sounds like fun, a kind of crazy treasure hunt which can range from easy to super hard (think rock climbing and scuba diving). It’s just the initial outlay required for a gps unit which is holding me back! I think I will be able to find the cache to put this back into if all else fails, provided it’s still there.

All today I’ve been looking at people and places and thinking are you a geocahcer, is there a cache hidden around here somewhere? It’s like a secret club, and you’re not supposed to let anyone see you retrieving things from the cache. How fun!

I’m sure I’ve read about geocaching out there in the craftblogging world, but like a great knitting pattern, or neat idea for some embroidery or a bag, do you think I have a hope of finding it? So if it’s you, (or if it’s not you and you’re a geocacher anyway) I would love to get in contact, and maybe put something in my local cache (if I can find it without a gps) to see how long it takes to get to your cache! (Kind of a multi country, multiperson swap)


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