The last photos.


The photos on my camera were all of this crafting I did about a week ago. I’ve been wanting to try out the flat marble magnets for a while. Boy is it addictive searching through a magazine and making these!

I’ve still got quite a few marbles left, but next time I will be trying to get some less shiny ones- it’s a bit hard to see the picture through them. Also some stronger magnets- I had some on the fridge holding up a shopping list and a gust of wind came through and blew the list off the fridge (read: need stronger magnets). Pedro ate one (my second favourite one) before I could get to him.

Pedro eats everything. Charcoal, sticks, the other day I found my new pen on the lawn, nib gone. It looked like he sucked out the ink. He dug up an entire potato patch and ate all the potatoes raw.

Ok, that got a bit random. Don’t mind me, I’ve only seen about a hundered things I need to photograph this week. And in case it’s not back in time, my ::black and orange:: this week is the last of the orange chocolate chip icecream melting off a spoon in the container. Please do me the favour of visualising it. Ta muchly.


1 Response to “The last photos.”

  1. 1 Felicia October 12, 2007 at 10:27 pm

    Poor Pedro! Love the magnets.

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