A fresh start

Michael’s been training away from home for 6 months. First in Wellington, then Auckland. He’s finally finished- tommorow is his last day, then a first aid course, then a graduation ceremony at a fancy hotel. The next week he starts work. We were hoping, expecting, that he would get a job in Christchurch, where we currently live. We could buy our first home, and I could stay in my job.

Basil seedlings- reaching, growing, unfurling.

While it’s a huge shock to have to move to Auckland, it also presents us with a new, exciting opportunity. It will give Michael a step up in his career, and there will be lots of job opportunities for me. At this stage Michael has a 18-36 month contract, but if we decide we like it, maybe we’ll get our house too!

So the next few weeks will be a blur of sorting, cleaning, house-hunting, packing and driving. 

Although I’m sad to leave my job and friends behind I’m trying to stay positive and enthusiastic about the changes. I may need you to remind me of that in the coming days.


1 Response to “A fresh start”

  1. 1 Katie October 24, 2008 at 7:12 am

    “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.” That’s what my mantra was when my family moved to Alaska!

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