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Package in the mail.

I recieved this just after I started my blog break- about 3 months after it was sent, apparantly abandoned by the sender AND reciever several times, then so nearly delivered, several phone calls, and eventual delivery as I was heading out the door to an eye appointment. I opened it in the car and exclaimed over each item as I pulled them out. A most generous packeage from nuttnbunny in the states, and well worth waiting for. Most definately NOT abandonable! (On a side note, what do you suppose happens to abandoned packages?)

Yum! Look at all that goodness- not pictured is a fabulous cookbook, and underneath is 8oz of hello yarn merino in ‘citrus’- spun and plied and drying by now.

Also a pair of mitts- a pay it forward gift. So now I gots to pay it forward. Here’s how it works- I send a handmade gift to 3 people, each of whom will send a gift to 3 people…etc…. Leave me a comment if you would like it to be you!

Just in time to keep my hands warm, we had a huge front hit on the weekend, and tonights low is predicted to be -2oC (thats toasty for some of you I know, but it doesn’t get a whole lot colder than that in Christchurch).

And this alpaca is like butter to knit. Soft creamy butter. Yum!!!! (Currently becoming a much needed hat.)


First Day

It went well! I wasn’t over or under dressed!!

I have my own desk and (new) computor in an office with a David who is very nice. The whole team was lovely and welcoming. And in the next couple of days my job will become more clear.

I’m bussing to work so today’s whipup article was particularly relevant- I have a crochet project on the go (much harder to drop stitches).


When I got home my package from craftrunner had arrived- they had included some extras too- mints and sandpaper and extra wee pieces of chain. Lovely to deal with! Now I just need some beading tools so I can make the necklace in my head. Also my credit card was approved, so I plan on setting up shop this weekend. Cheers to all that!

Yarn Traders

A while back I ordered some cotton from Yarn Traders.


I found them very friendly and helpful to deal with (they sent me samples before I bought), with quick delivery of the goods. And boy are they good. And so good together. (I also got some green.) I think this is on the way to being a chrissy presse, but I’m trying to get that hunting hat finished first! In the meantime, I used my new winder to turn them into beautiful balls.


I love being a craftblogger.


A wee thankyou gift from Louise which arrived exactly when it was needed the most- a roadblock in the fungus studies. How is it crafters know when crafters need a pick-me-up! Thanks for lightening my mood Louise!

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