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Trying my Luck

at Etsy.

I’ve got 3 necklaces up there. Who knew adding items took so long??!!



Exam results came out yesterday. I now officially have a BSc, with majors in Biochemistry and Biology. Just to skite a little my marks for the year were B, B+, A- and A.

Last week the necklace I ordered from Lisa Leonard came. I opened it straight away but didn’t put it on- I didn’t want to tempt fate. (Her christmas ordering deadline is the 12th- I think- so it’s not too late to have a cute wee package sitting under the tree!)

Last night after I checked my results I put it straight on- it’s beautiful and I love it!


Michael came up with the clever wording when I was bandying around with words like acheive and reward. Isn’t he a sweetie?

It sings when I walk.


I’ve been admiring the necklaces made from found objects and jewels for a while now and made this one with some of the bits from craftrunner, some things from my sewing room and some crystals I picked up at the local bead shop.


PB190074The button is from my Nana’s button jar- she keeps telling me to help myself when I visit! I like the thistle as a nod to my scottish ancestory. (Anyone who has grubbed thistles for a summer, as I have, will get the wee pun in there. My treat to you.)

PB190081This is one of the keys to my sewing machine case. I have never used it! I think the picture is of a man riding a lion. (Click to go bigger.)

Michael says it makes me sound like Pedro- I jangle when I walk. I like the soft chiming it makes as the key and button clink together. I really enjoyed making this necklace and getting it just right- and am searching for more old keys on trademe!

And I know, I crashed and burned on the NaBloPoMo! At least it was in the middle and not right at the end. I was pleased with how far I had made it with no mundane “this is a post becasue I have to post something” post- which was what I was going to post but plum forgot! My first week at work (which was really only 4 days due to a public holiday) completely wiped me out! (I think I thought I had already posted!) It went very well, and thanks for all the well wishes. Today I finally felt productive!

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