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Thankful Friday

The first snow drop in my garden. Spring must be on the way!


The nor’wester that blew through today- transforming the pile on my bathroom floor into a folded pile waiting to be put away.


Pedro- hasn’t he grown? He’s grounded me for the last few months, but I can’t work out what makes you crazier- talking to a cat, dog or yourself. It’s a good thing I don’t have a cat or I’d have hit the trifecta.



Learning to see again

…through the veiwfinder of my smart new E-410, as eluded to a couple of weeks ago. Oh how slack have I been? I’ve been taking a photography night class at one of the lcoal high schools- community education is the new black!

A couple of photos I captured on friday:

Love Love Love

Street stencil + Pedro

I need to go back with another set of hands and get low and close.

A good weekend filled with Love to all.


Oh the indecision!





What a great solution. It’s just embarrassing when he steals another dogs ball…when he’s already got his in his mouth!


I got invited to Ravelry the other day. Wow. I dind’t realise how much I would like it and be able to use it. It won’t replace blogging at all- is a total compliment, with built in integration with your blog and fickr account. If you’re already in please add me as a friend- spinningayarn- and if you’re not on the waiting list, but are even a little knitty/crochet, go get on it now! (Not sure if that first link will work if you aren’t a member? The second one will though!)

 Also Wow… Spirit Cloth. I found her the other day, from I don’t know where when I was browsing around, and instantly added her to my feeds. Her work is so magical and inspiring. Check it out!

 Another Wow- it’s practically summer! Daylight saving whisked an hour from under our feet in the wee small hours of last night, and we will be getting an extra hour’s sunshine in the evening from now on. Bring on the bbq! Yay!

And because we haven’t had enough Pedro cuteness for a while (and I’m pretty sure it’s against the rules to post without a photo)


WOW! Hasn’t he grown? He’s just passed the 9 month mark. (And is currently in time out for scratching up the deck. Tasha, you really don’t want him to come and live at your house. Truly. Plus, I would miss him too much!)

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