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Strawberry Jam

One of the perks of Auckland is the strawberries- sweet and juicy, cheap and in bigger punnets (“chips”) than the South Island. I made strawberry jam today (I think it was the hottest day we’ve had yet- a perfect day to stand over a hot stove!) to give as Christmas gifts. My Grandad Don told me that strawberrys make a nice jam. You know what he’s getting!

 I took a few photos of the process.

I think this last photo is my favourite!


From Christchurch to Auckland

It’s been a bit quiet around these parts as we packed up and moved north. We are mainly settled in now- just the boxes to unpack in our new, sunny and spacious, flat.

1100 km in photographic form:

The packers arrived just after 8 and we had wiped down the last surfaces by the lunchtime, ready to hit the road. It was a scorching hot day!

We stopped for some refreshments in Cheviot

And a swim in Okiwi Bay.

We cought the 5:45am ferry from Picton to Wellington, which made for some bleary eyes and stunning photos.

We had lunch with my Aunty and Uncle in Wellington, and were back on the road by 1, taking the Desert Road up through the middle of the North Island. All of a sudden Ruapehu popped up! This is scenery like nothing we’ve seen on the Mainland.

We spent the night in Taupo, and found some treasures on the side of the lake.

Less than 4 hours on the road the next day and we hit the turn off for Pukekohe.

I’m hoping to get my craft room unpacked and back in action over the next few days. We’ll be hitting the markets and craft fair tommorow!

Peony Photo Shoot

At my last craft night with the Tiltass gals they gave me this peony and a heart shaped christmas ornament. I felt it was worthy of a photo shoot. I’m going to miss this cream wall when we move- I wonder what colour the walls are in the new house?**

** Yay! We’ve got somewhere to live!! Michael found us a place in Pukekohe with a fenced yard for Pedro, a piece of lawn begging to be turned into a vege garden, and neighbours who are trying to start a craft market. Too Perfect. 

Delicious Sunshine on my plate

Lemon Honey from the St Mary’s Church Fair.

Delicious sunshine on my plate.


:: We’re moving to Auckland! Michael’s been posted to Auckland with Customs. We plan to move in 3 weeks. Any luck you can send our way in our house hunt would be much appreciated. Also, I’ll be looking to find a craft group to join if you know of anything?! ::

Apparently it’s Spring

Yesterday I noticed the tree outside the lounge window has leaves.

When did that happen??!!


:: Stay tuned for my Easy Drawstring Bag tutorial ::

A ray of sunshine

Spring has arrived.


I spent last weekend at home in Golden Bay, except the sun wasn’t shining, and hasn’t been for a while!

One of the things I miss the most about home is the rain- thundering on the roof, soaking to the skin rain.

I sure got my fix- I was pleased to see the sun on Monday, so I can imagine how Mum and Dad feel. Bring on the summer!

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