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Two Quilts

When Nana passed away my Aunties had the extreme privilege of nursing her at home, where she was surrounded by family and love, and always had someone at her side, holding her hand. At some stage they decided to cut her nighties, so they could get them on and off more easily, and I asked if I could have two of them- the cotton weave with flower prints reminding me of quilting fabrics. I paired the two prints, one pink and one purple with semi-solid pink, purple and green fabrics, and adapted an Irish Chain pattern to have two colour ways.

I call them ‘Nana’s Garden’ because of the way the green grass paths border the flower beds.

I made both quilts at the same time- piecing all the blocks I needed for two tops, then quilting them seperately.

They are all strip peiced on my machine, then hand and machine quilted. I machine quilted the bought fabrics, and hand quilted the soft, worn, nightie fabrics. It gave me a chance to sit and stitch a while- and it feels like the quilts have a part of me in them, and me a part  of them.

I like the pattern that appeared on the back just as much as the front- the unexpected way the lines crossed to give a suble reflection of the front.

And viewed from the back, with the sun shining through, they take on a stained glass window appearance.

These quilts aren’t perfect- not all the corners of the squares match up in the blocks (but some do!), and the backing has been caught and sewn folded in places, but it doesn’t matter- they are finsihed and that’s far better than a perfectly unfinished quilt.

On the back I sewed a dedication panel which I embroidered on a scrap of the sturdier, pink, nightie fabric.


My life as a quilt

For my 21st birthday Mum made me a quilt, using fabric scraps in her stash left over from projects she made for me while I was growing up.

The houses in the side panels are from a bedspread I had on my bed for years, there are pieces from the curtains I had in my bedroom, and dresses and tops I wore when I was little. The stripe is from a maternity dress Mum wore while she was expecting me.

The flowery peice in the middle is from a smocked dress I remember wearing to the Bainham Christmas Party, with the badge with my name on it my Grandparents gave me pinned on the front. In my mind I wore it for years, though I’m sure it only fit me for a couple.

While I knew she was making me a quilt, this was nothing like I was expecting, and opening it brought tears to my eyes. Accompaning it was a gift voucher which I used to buy a self-healing mat and rotary cutter of my own. Quilting? Watch this space.

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