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Christmas Ornament Swap

I participated in the Christmas Ornament Swap organised by Louise. These are the ornaments I made- not really traditional or Christmassy- except they remind me of summer, the sun and long hots days (we’re having planty of them!) Also, I’m a little obsessed with this fabric. What can I say?

And this is the cherry tree in our new garden. I’m watching them like a hawk, ready to get to them before the birds. I may have to climb a tree, something I haven’t done in a while!!


I’m Back

Which means Michael’s gone off to his Customs Officer training. 5 weeks of live-in training in Wellington before 5 month rotational training programme in Auckland, with the possibility of some training in Christchurch.

The list called for ‘one washing bag’. I was only too happy to oblige.

Homespun cotton fabric- a simple bag with a drawstring, and loops for hanging.


I used my alphabet stamps to stamp the cotton tape with ‘wash’ and ‘dry’.

And his name on the back, so the laundry ladies will know who to give it back to! (Lucky thing doesn’t have to cook, clean or wash anything for 5 weeks. I told him not to get used to it!)

Green String Bag

Green String Bag

This bag is the product of two casting ons, two patterns and my own improvisation and two weeks sporadic knitting.

It draws (rather strongly) on this and this. The handles came from Elisa’s Nest Tote, and the drawstring (so you can stuff it inside itself and cosy up tight) from Everlasting Bagstopper. The stich pattern came from both. I liked the idea of a solid base which I gleaned from the bagstopper, but took a different approach. I knitted a “square” and cast it off, then picked up stitches around all four side. Using magic loop (which kicks butt) I knit the first round, yo, k the second round, k the third round, yo, k2tog, the fourth round then alternated round three and four. This gave exactly the right number of stitches to cope with the pattern, with no tricky brain gym. When I got to the top (very arbitary, but about 15 inches) I didn’t cast off, just knit the i-cord handle with the live stitches. Elisa’s Nest Tote describes this far more eloqently than I ever could. I knit both handles at the same time so I knew they would be the same length. If I made it again (which I will) I might experiment with one fat handle coming from the point where the handles meet.

Green String Bag  

I decided the inside needed a pocket to put all the essentials in- always handy to have them away from everything else. I picked up some stitches above one of the sides of the original square, matching the length. Again I k one row, yo, k the second row, p the thrid row, yo, k2tog the fourth row then alernated rows 3 and 4. (This time knitting back and fourth, hence the purl row). After about 4 or five rows I picked up the sitches back along the rows I had already knit, then joined it to the bag, this gives the pocket some shape and a wee base. From this row onwards I knit the pocket into the bag using a similar method to joining the I cord.

I appreciate that all those instructions are a bit hard to follow. If you want me to clarify anything further then let me know. When I make another one I will take some photos so you can see what I was doing!

I thouroughly enjoyed knitting this bag- and enjoyed using it today. The stitch is great as it allows for seeingly endless expansion- though I’m sure it has it’s limits. But it was figuring out the pocket that gave me the most satisfaction. When I get my hands on some more cotton, you can tell what I’ll be making!

While it’s still cold….

There’s plenty of time to get some wear out of my brand new coat!

After a little button angst (I didn’t buy enough self cover buttons, Mum’s fancy new sewing machine which makes one-step, automatic button holes wouldn’t make a big enough button hole, then a second button shopping trip yeilded some Fabulous buttons, and I took the plunge and used my machine to make the button holes).

n.b. My machine’s feed dog won’t drop so button holes are a little tricky- but given it’s age and beauty (born 1953) I forgive it this one little thing!

Some careful measuring and not a mistake you can see when the buttons are done up.

And buttoned right up (the preferred style in the current weather), note the lovely brooch.

Whats that I hear? You’d like to see a close up of the buttons?

It’s just a shame that I can’t see them when I’m wearing it!

The only thing I would change next time is the addition of some pockets- I’ve tried to “use” them about 15 times today!!!

3 FO

The scarf for Penny

The button and paua are connected by a piece of wire to form a “cufflink” which can be worn either way to change the look of the scarf.

My sister sat down with a piece of newspaper, drafted a pattern and pulled on this jacket roughly 12 hours later. She is quite talented (and only 15!) No sketches involved!

I finally got around to making the spotty hoody I’ve had the fabric for for 6 months. It only takes a 700km car trip.

We’re back home now, cleaning the fridge and catching up on the washing. Back to uni tommorow (but not me- I have a rare day off this term, so look forward to heightened levels of crafting.)

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