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Spinning a Yarn has moved!

I’ve decided to move Spinning a Yarn to Blogger, which is more user friendly for my limited Design skills. Things have been languising a bit here, and I want to make it a more welcoming place to come and visit!

I hope you will join me at

See you there!


Easter in Golden Bay

Kaimoana (food from the sea)

Long walks on the beach with Michael’s Grandad.



On saturday I went into an op-shop looking for some knitting needles and came out with several peices of cotton and two sheets in fantastic condition (the blue fabric on the left). It was my lucky day.

Also found: a small cluster of mushrooms.

I made a knitting bag for a friend for her birthday, complete with homespun yarn, needles and the promise of knitting lessons.

Q. When is a zucchini not a zucchini?

a) When it is (almost) a marrow

b) When it is a chocolate cake

I’ve been wanting to try this recipe for a while. A friend has a garden at work, and when this beauty grew over the weekend I jumped at the chance to make one of these cakes. So moist and rich (all white flour, no chocolate chips, slightly more zucchini than called for.) Delicious.

Fibre Dreams

A distant ocean crashing against my spinning wheel.

A rainbow emerging from my microwave.

Incredible depth achieved by 3 ply.


I have neglected you so colour+colour. Here is a poor attempt at photographing a moving flower.

agapanthus flower

And because I took it:

agapanthus flower

Also not as good as it could be. But it’s better than nothing right- because that’s all I have to offer you otherwise.


There hasn’t been alot of crafting going on. A little spinning (alpaca/wool, destined for dying) and some sewing yet to be completed. Maybe tonight?

I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things- and on top of things. Now that I’m not a student I should probably do housework more often.

Like a few other people around the blogosphere I may just pop in with a few photos over the next few days? weeks? until the crafting gets back on track. Peace to all.

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